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Sold in New Mexico

It's Time to Take a Hit

We have manufactured BLOOM products for medical patients in New Mexico since 2018. We’re focused on quality craftsmanship and taste. Each product is carefully made with ~40-80 terpenes per strain, offering the most flavorful products in various formats.

BLOOM products are designed with medical patients in mind. When patients find one of our strains that works for them, they can consistently buy them and have the same effect/feel each time.

The Bloom Way

BLOOM’s proprietary formulas have been perfected using a fingerprinting technique. The cannabis plant is analyzed at a molecular level to analyze each strain profile’s chemical analysis.

Then, based on the profile fingerprint, those strains are recreated in oil format as close to the original strain as possible. 

This process allows standardizing each profile, allowing consistency across all BLOOM strains and states.

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