Discover Cannavis Syrup

America's Favorite Syrup


America's Favorite Syrup

Cannavis was made to better serve the needs of the medical patients and everyone else for whom smoking is not their main choice. Cannavis syrup provides a one-of-a-kind user experience in which patients can create their own infused THC cocktails or meals by mixing a small dose into their recipes.

The syrup is a potent combination of THC and other cannabinoids for long lasting effects. Cannavis Syrup can be infused with various drinks, including cocktails, smoothies, lemonades. It can also be combined and mixed with your favorite meals as well.

Cannabis at its Finest

Cannavis syrup is sugar-free, gluten-free, vegan-friendly, and made using non-GMO ingredients, unlike many other marijuana-infused products.
In a landscape often dominated by sugary edibles and drinks with high-fructose corn syrup, Cannavis stands out as a health-conscious alternative.
Like any edible, you’ll want to start slow, with a small dose the first time.

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